After collaborating at the end of 2020 for the first social launch of the new ID.3, the founder of the brand’s electric fleet, FREE EVENT and Volkswagen return to join forces for the realisation of the video product of the new ID4, powerful as a SUV, sustainable as ID. The first global model with zero emissions, with panoramic roof and online configurator. A car that amplifies and strengthens the full electric path of the brand, addressing a wide and differentiated target, with great performance and a design that immediately strikes. Tangible values and features that are told in a few minutes clip.
FREE EVENT directed a video of great visual strength, which exploded the characteristics of the car as a metaphor of the elements of nature, within a studio that came to life thanks to different shapes led-installations walls and special effects applied on set and in post production. “We worked with a creative team and an excellent technical cast, an automotive crew that has been able to explode with great energy the powerful, fascinating and innovative soul of ID.4 – says Gianmarco Sisti of Free Event, executive producer of the video – “in addition to aesthetics and characteristics, we wanted to tell the character of ID.4. We did it thanks to an immersive set that allowed us to animate the scene with images that reflect beauty, strength and the perfection of nature. 
The video, airing on all the main social and web channels, tells a performing, smart and sustainable machine, which has all the features to revolutionise, along with the rest of the fleet, the Italian and international electric mobility. “Once again the FREE EVENT team has shown to be up with the times and close to the world of sustainability beyond that of change towards an increasingly digital future” – says Andrea Camporesi, CEO of the company that for 14 years has been one of the protagonists of the international business show.