Those with a smile and a sparkle in their eyes, this is how we see ourselves when we are working, because only when you truly and profoundly love what you do, is it possible to create events, communication projects and productions that will remain imprinted on the minds of those who have lived them. Through a philosophy that believes in sharing ideas and joining forces to achieve excellence, and always approaching each event with a renewed passion, over the years not only have we managed to satisfy our clients, we have also succeeded in amazing them too. With a mix of our expertise and professionalism and a hand-in-hand collaboration with our clients, we are able to transform their ideas in tailor-made solutions and cutting-edge projects….with spectacular results.



Services and skills

Strategy and Marketing • Creative Direction • Event Direction • Live Direction • General Coordination • Contents • Production •  Supply Management • Integrated Communication • Video Production • Video Mapping •  Set up • Audio Video Lights Service • Artist Scouting and Management • Welcome & Security • Guests Management • Location Selection • Brand Identity • Corporate Image • Art Direction • ADV and Radio • Media Planning • Copywriting • SEO • Social Media Management • Rendering 3D • Web Design • Digital Marketing • Exhibitions

Our goal? Amazing you by achieving yours. That’s why in every event, video production or communication project we develop, a 360 degrees approach is adopted, with a wide range of specific and tailor-made services especially studied for the client.


Event Planning Company

The organization of an event consists in:

  • Strategical Analysis and Creative Project 
  • Design and content development
  • Executive production and live direction
  • Artist scouting and management 
  • Art direction, graphic and communications
  • Invitation and guests management
  • Set up and scenography
  • Emotional video and video contents
  • Light and sound design, video mapping
Step by step approach

Every step is shared with the client:

  • First meeting and project brief
  • Creative idea and budget definition
  • Venue rendering / 3D development
  • Executive production and coordination 
  • Content development
  • Staging and Production
  • Live direction
  • Event direction
  • Follow up e debrief
Free Event: A 360-degree service package

As event management company, we offer:

  • Location scouting
  • Logistics, welcome and security 
  • Technical set up
  • Stage, backstage, tensile structure
  • Technical staff and coordination
  • Audio, video and lights service
  • Construction site security procedures
  • Communication
  • Press office and media relations