Volvo Sustainability Tour – Road Show EX30

FREE EVENT is the agency chosen for the Volvo Sustainability Tour,
a project that has launched the new Full Electric EX30 car.

Volvo Sustainability Tour was inaugurated on 11 June 2023 with the aim of launching the new EX30 car, a small 100% electric SUV exhibited in various cities of Italy.

Free Event has organized nine stops for the Tour: Turin, Forte dei Marmi, Rome, Riccione, Bologna, Verona, Cervia, Rimini and Bari. Every stop was curated in every detail: the set-up, the scouting location, logistics, staff’s recruitment and training.

Many beautiful Italian cities has been the protagonist of the Road Show in the months of June and July; during these months in these cities was set up a structure that hosted the car and allowed visitors to enjoy some interactive experiences, an integral part of the Volvo’s world.

In fact there was the “Sustainability Cycling Area” inside the stand, made up of Technogym exercise bikes. People were invited by a professional trainer to cycle to «generate» clean energy; in the meantime , the monitors showed them in real time the quantity of WATT that they produced in order to recharge the SUV .
And after so much effort, there were a sweet reward: thanks to the partnership with Conserve Italia, fruit juices were available in the stand to provide a moment of freshness to all visitors.

From North to South of the peninsula, visitors from all cities were welcomed by hostesses and stewards to raise awareness of the latest Volvo products and to profile the most interested people to receive more information on the 100% electric SUV.

The EX30 Electric Tour has represented a further tool to support the launch of the new car as, through the intervention of mobility experts who interacted with visitors, people have learned the information and awareness-raising process regarding the use of electric vehicles in Italian market.

“An event that confirmed Volvo’s trust in our Team, a great incentive to do always the best and be close to the new generations, considering that Volvo is the leader in the automotive sector, in the evolution towards production with zero impact on the climate. A vision that in our small way we have embraced too as an agency and we are proud to be certified and recognized for this business philosophy in our events sector”.
The words of CEO Andrea Camporesi.