To organize the team building event in closure of its training program VISTA, Volvo called once again Free Event, which for the automotive conceived and organized two exciting days of training and engines. Destination: the famous Mugello circuit.

The special training event was dedicated to dealers and mechanics, which at first gathered in the VOLVO headquarters in Bologna for a series of educational activities. The guests were then led to the countryside around Mugello town, for a gala dinner in one of the finest hotels in the area.

The following morning, the participants reached the Mugello circuit, where they took a guided tour of the “hot spots” of the worldwide famous circuit before going to Mugellino to start the VOLVO Kar Cup tournament.

A race full of adrenaline, very realistic thanks to the driver’s clothes – especially personalized with the Volvo iron mark – and the final interviews that made the team building event a real success.