After winning the tender for the launch eventof the new Panda Trussardi, competing with the best Italian event agencies, Free Event organized a spectacularshow at Palazzo Trussardi in Piazza La Scala during the Milan Fashion Week.

A very special product launch, in which Free Event combined and mixed the typical dynamics of a fashion show with the features of the automotive reveal, creating a glamorous event where the superstar Ava Max – testimonial of the spot – and prominent influencers like Paolo Stella and Paola Turani.

“Lifestyle belongs to fashion and fashion belongs to lifestyle” – says Tomaso Trussardi inaugurating the press conference – “I think it is the beginning of a long collaboration with Fiat”. Olivier Francois, president of the Fiat Global Brand, also reaffirms: “Between a chat and another, we came up with the idea to create a car together. I was thinking of the 500, the most fashionable car, but Tomaso said: I think Panda is our car. And so, this car was made”

Free Event took care of the project in detail for FCA, with a specially designed set-up that transformed the Trussardi Store into a real Panda Boutique.