Free Event organized and produced the reveal of the new Volkswagen ID.3, the first electric car made by the German automotive brand. Organized at the East End Studios in Milan, the product launch was dedicated to authorized car and fleet dealers. On several occasions over the two days, Volkswagen management presented the new car to the public present, with an impressive scene design that worked on the concept of electrification, proposing a show of high impact between shadows and lights.

A long, dark path gradually lit up in a choreography of light beams in sync with music, creating an atmosphere of great anticipation and captivation that kept the audience glued to their seats until the moment of the reveal, while in that same moment the interactive bracelets that they wore on their wrists lit up, making the guests 100% part of the show.

Following the presentation of the car, the “institutional” part of the event began, a dynamic exchange full of special effects, once again an idea conceived by the event agency.

The creative and scene design was handled by Free Event, in addition to managing the direction of the entire corporate event. The production and content, including videos and PPT were all produced by Free Event.

An important event for Volkswagen – that has without a doubt launched the ID.3 in the electric car market – an event just as important for Free Event, in addition to strengthening its relationship with one of the world’s best-known automotive brands, is confirmed as one of the leading agencies in the event industryof business and corporate events, product launches, conventions and musical and sporting events. In fact, Free Event handled the T-Rocpresslaunch and the Volkswagen Trioroad show in 2018 and 2019.