Episode zero of Live Is All You Need took place on Saturday 18 April at 2.30 pm: the round table conceived and produced by Free Event agency, was dedicated to the world of live entertainment. The cinema, live music, theater, radio and events industries met online to talk about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the world of culture and entertainment, looking at it through the eyes and words of those who create, produce and make great live shows.


Recorded excellent ratings on the main live streaming platforms – trying to analyze the current scenario, severely damaged by the global dimension of the corona virus, as well as, giving space to many lesser-known professionals who participate in the makings of every great live show.


“The ratings were beyond expectations for this episode zero and the enthusiastic comments from the guests have demonstrated that we have achieved out target.” – commented Andrea Camporesi, CEO and Creative Director of Free Event. “There were many people who wanted to go deeper into the topics covered, because live is about an industry that imagines, creates and inspires, feeding on the emotions of its protagonists and its audience. An industry that not only generates culture and socialization, which is the ‘glue’ that holds humanity together, but also produces work for many families.

We hope we have helped to clarify or in any case stimulate a debate around a sector that, like many others, cannot be forgotten. The next step?

More episodes with new faces, to shed light on the often-hidden professionalism of one of the most beautiful jobs in the world.


Live Is All You Need episode zero was conducted by Marco Macaroni and the participating guests were Clemente Zard – CEO Vivo concerts, Elena Capparelli – RaiPlay and Digital Director, LauraDelli Colli – President of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, Marco Pontini – Vice President of Radio Italia, Paolo Cantù – General and Artistic Director of I Teatri Foundation – Reggio Emilia and Simone Merico – Balich Worldwide Shows Chief Business Officer.

Live Is All You Need is a format conceived and produced by Free Event, an event, production and communication agency based in Milan and Faenza. The episode zero registered 50,000 total views, with a peak of 15,000 users simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and

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Live Streaming: What do the guests have say about the future of live?

The first comment was from Laura Delli Colli, President of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and organizer of the Nastri D’’Argento:

« Shooting a film at the moment is unthinkable taking into consideration the mandatory social distancing and sanitization of an environment. If the Cannes Film Festival falls through, so do other cinema events. The Rome Film Festival is in October, an important showcase, with a number of extraordinary people who might not be able to travel and so we have to rethink everything. We need to remember that cinema is made of a lot of precarious employment and so solidarity and new solutions are needed. Think of drive-ins, the idea could be interesting and enjoyable.»

Paolo Cantù
General and Artistic Director of the I Teatri Foundation – Reggio Emilia addressed the problem of the theatrical world: « Theaters are small to medium enterprises with specific needs. It moves hundreds of units, generates economy, and has an important impact on the GDP. We need a start mode. Phase 2 will be even more complex than this emergency, with the problem of social distancing not only for the public but also for orchestras, dancers, chorus. We work in a creative world and, once the stakes have been established, we could design ways to continue the trade while safeguarding everyone’s health. Concerts are being organized in Norway in drive-in mode and we could also apply this in the theater field.»

Clemente Zard
CEO Vivo Concerti took stock of the problem of live shows, of possible re-starts, appeals and the initiatives of many artists supporting the sector: « The public would find it hard to believe how vast the concert industry is. It goes from over 50 – 60 people who work in a club among technicians, security operators and managers up to 2000 in a stadium. People, who are currently not working and waiting for updates, as we are not in a position to make any decisions without precise directives and a deadline. The various personal or group initiatives by artists, who are trying to help in this situation are commendable but we need certainty to turn the machine back on. Consider also the numerous hotels booked, transportation and food sold thanks to the movement of people going to or working in concerts.Our job is about the gathering of professions, concerts arean irreplaceable experience, when someone buys a ticket, that piece of paper represents anxiety and expectation before and after the memory of two hours of catharsis.»

Elena Capparelli
The Director of RaiPlay and Digital, spoke of the digital entertainment possibilities offered by the platform: « We fought for an increase in streaming production with documentaries and programs for children, also for educational purposes and arthouse films. The modern scenario foresees a linear mode andpublic multimedia use,which we must open up to and direct to everyone aswe are a public service. Offering an additional possibility of free entertainment, which today is showing a continuous increase in audience, demonstrating our correct interpretation of the demand.»

Marco Pontini
The vice president of Radio Italia, talked about the indissoluble link between radios and live events: « Never as much as today, has the radio been perceived as a “friend” by the public, broadcasting even messages and snapshots from hospital wards. At the heart of the radio’s editorial proposal are the events. In our case the concerts in Piazza Duomo in Milan and Palermo represent the most important moment of contact with the public. It goes without saying that it is priceless to see the emotions of the public, and as soon as possible we will continue to do so. I was so excited when all the radios broadcasted four songs simultaneously for the first time in history, when the national anthem, Mameli started I looked out of the window and saw people on their balconies singing and I realized that we were doing something really important, albeit in its simplicity, for the people.»

Ending the meeting Simone Merico
Chief Business Office of the Balich Worldwide Show who told us abouthis dream planpost-emergency: « We are experiencing a difficult but transitory moment; contact is essential for humanity and this model can never be replaced by the digital experience of today. In Wuhan the day after the end of the lockdown, albeit with masks and gloves, people took to the streets to attend an event together. To be the vehicles of a universal message, to excite others is a priceless gesture. My dream would be to organize an immense and celebratory parade with images of our country traveling around the world, a new April 25th.»

The Guests of Episode Zero

Live is All You Need is a format conceived and produced by Free Event, an event agency based in Milan and Faenza, one of the main Italian players in the organization of events, product launches, corporate events, and live streaming events.