Free Event has been chosen by a leading multinational holding company in the fashion industry, to realize the first digital press day dedicated to the EU market. Two dynamic sets in the new showroom located in the Milan fashion district, in which the PR Managers of the brand have welcomed over 40 magazines, including Vogue Italia, UK and France, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler and many others. 
For the first time in the industry, despite the impossibility to travel related to the pandemic, editors from all over Europe were able to go on a journey inside the showroom, discovering all the corners, garments and accessories made for the 2021 Fall Winter seasonFor the brand, Free Event has created a digital portal that contained all the assets, divided by the two brands of the holding company, with the possibility to see and download photos, videos and moodboards. The editors, invited through an agenda and a calendar system created ad hoc by the agency, entered their platform at the agreed time and were welcomed by a video concept dedicated to the Fall Winter 2021 collection, created by Free Event for the occasion.
Then, all the participants had the opportunity to interact – and see each other – within a mosaic layout, which gave way to the full screen showroom when the PR Managers, accommodated in the set, guided them to the discovery of the new garments and new accessories, followed by a system of dynamic chambers that allowed to show the products in detail and stimulated the dialogue with publishers. Two sets in as many locations in the showroom, for an agenda full of meetings that managed to realize, by the words of certain editors: “by far, the best virtual press presentation ever seen.”
We are very pleased to have made a new step forward in the fashion industry and above all to have done it with such an important international holding” – comments Federica Turroni, Content Director and Project Manager who curated the event for Free Event – “We had the opportunity to listen live to the enthusiastic comments of some of Europe’s leading fashion editors and thanks to them to understand the pace of the breakthrough that we managed to create for the brand, there is no greater satisfaction than this.”
After Armani and Trussardi, Free Event, which dealt with the event in detail, taking care of directing, content, video production, digital platform, and technical production, is proud to have made another important step in the fashion industry, adding a new market leader brand to already consolidated customers.