How to organize a successful convention: Free Event for Bucci Industries

70 years of history conveyed in a special event, to celebrate the past of a great group at the same time introducing its future: this was the goal of the Free Event in the organization of the business convention for the international group Bucci Industries.

Through a fruitful dialogue with the company’s marketing and communication professionals, Free Event created and coordinated the whole show, interpreting the costumer’s needs and translating them in new languages made of special contents, entertainment and emotions.

In organizing the Bucci Industries convention Free Event took care of several activities, among which:

  • Invitation creativity and graphical declination
  • Guest List Managing
  • Location Set Up
  • Guest Welcome
  • Logistics
  • Video production and post-production
  • Photo service, audio set up, light designing
  • Event direction

The event took place in the historical Teatro Masini, in Faenza.