Panorama is the format that Free Event created together with the Italian DJ Benny Benassi to enhance the beauty of Italy in the post-lockdown period and bring the music of the two-time Grammy Award winner, to the most representative and fascinating places in the Bel Paese (the beautiful country). A project that supports the tourism and live industries, both affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The PANORAMA episodes will be aired in the coming months on the Benassi channels, the festivals Benassi participated in and his record label. The complete series will be offered to the biggest international distributors: RaiPlay, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. At the moment three episodes have been filmed, in Vernazza, Verona and Venice.


Natural panoramas or exceptional locations become the setting for a thrilling and suggestive narrative, which is taken from a mix of rooms and points of view to make a cinematic video production, telling the world the story of a beautiful Italy restarting more stronger than beforethrough the work of its companies, its artists and all its professionals.

This idea is thesequel of the vision we share with Benny.”– comments Andrea Camporesi, CEO and Creative Director of Free Event – “We wanted to create something special together, to talk about the beauty of our country with a new narrative key. We are proud of the result also because it contributes to the restart of a sector which more than others is suffering from the immobility of these months. The project will continue throughout the summer and we have already recorded a new episode in La Perla delle 5 Terre, Vernazza, which has been strongly requested by an international music festival. It’s time to tell beautiful and authentic stories, stories of courage and trust in the future. And we will continue to do so with all the strength we have. “