Free Event Entertainment and production, event agency leader in the organization of corporate events, strengthens its relationship with the largest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon. After the Summer event, organized in 2019, Free Event won the Winter tender by competing with some of the most successful Italian event agencies.

Organizing an event in Milan: AMAZON MADNIGHT Free Event returns to collaborate with one of the strongest companies in the world.

The corporate event dedicated to Amazon employees took place at TOQUEVILLE in Milan involving around 700 people. Originating from the success of the film “Joker” by Todd Philips, and from the symbolic text of the modern era “In Praise of Folly” by Erasmus of Rotterdam, Free Event devised a creative concept that celebrates modern madness, intended as an element of distinction, passion and intelligence. At crossroads between genius and madness, the concept aimed to enhance the maximum expression of each individuality, which today finds fertile ground in the synthesis of an increasingly personal, free and subjective vision of life.

The set up and scenography enriched the location, while masked artists and performers were ready to welcome the participants between performances and acrobatics. Enormous success for the digital photo booth, which allowed guests to choose their own “mad side” by combining half of their faces with that of a “madly famous” character of reality or fantasy, as well as having the possibility to share and print all the photos.

Another content highly appreciated by the guests was the Mad make-up corner, with two make-up artists who transformed the guests into the bizarre and eccentric characters they wanted.

An important result for Free Event in confirming itself as a reliable partner to of one of the most solid and growing company worldwide, in addition to strengthening its expertise in organizing corporate events also in the field of e-commerce.