Free Event has conceived, supervised the production and organization of the celebration of 20 years of Speedy Service, the leading company in the sector and the first Italian partner for Tim Business, Eni Gas and Light A show with attention to detail, organized at the Arezzo Fair, where Speedy Service is based, with an exceptional setting designed to amaze guests from the beginning to the end of the evening, which were initially welcomed in a large foyer recreated with high black curtains, where they consumed the aperitif and took traditional ritual photos. At one point, a growing musical background marked the beginning of the evening, with the first wow effect: the big black curtain that closed the foyer on one side suddenly opened up, revealing a stage of over 20 meters with a long central walkway and a ledwall of about 12×7 meters.


All around, the tables for dinner, illuminated scenically with white, blue and red lamps. After a few minutes the real show began, a corporate event led by Nicola Savino, who entertained guests and launched the various video contributions prepared for the occasion of the Free Event staff. Also of great importance is the remaining artistic cast, with the performances of the acrobatic Kataklò, the surprise entry by Cecilia Rodriguez, beloved by the management of the company, and the DJ set by Paola Iezzi. A great stage where he also performed another great character, Enrico Brignano, who was able to entertain guests for over 40 minutes with a show written specifically for the company and its anniversary. Another success for Free Event, which continues to grow as an agency for corporate events, conventions, celebrations and big events (see an example here with the Family Day for 20,000 people organized for Ferrari).