To celebrate its 40th birthday Gemos trusted Free Event in organizing a convention full of surprises and emotions. 2.000 people went to Faenza’s Palacattani to see the amazing show, among which there were important personalities such as Job Minister Giuliano Poletti, Confcooperative President Maurizio Gardini and Faenza Mayor Giovanni Malpezzi.

The convention was led by a very famous Italian anchorman who made the whole show very pleasant and exciting. Besides the employee-dedicated lottery, the show included two performances by Sonics, flying artists that enchanted the whole audience, with special regards for children, and the final concert of a great Italian songwriter and performer that blew the audience’s mind.

The live show was open by a video you can watch it here – that values the every day-work of all Gemos’s employee, true protagonists of the big night. The video production was made completely by Free Event, that for the convention provided Gemos with an all-inclusive service that included weekly meetings to update the management about every decisional and creative step.

To sum up, Free Event took care of:

  • Strategic and creative plan
  • Venue identification
  • 40 years’s logo, graphical mood and creative texts
  • Communication tools and materials (invitation, posters..)
  • Live show contents
  • Artists’ selection and coordination
  • Set up project and production
  • Technology production (ledwall 12×6 mt, stage 12×8 mt)
  • Screenplay, production, shooting and editing of the opening video
  • Show production
  • Lottery coordination
  • Guests welcome
  • Security and hostess
  • Show Live Direction
  • Technical crew coordination